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Belgium, Antwerp, Galerie Schoots + van Duyse, Colorful

Lucebert, Jan Henderikse, Jean Bilquin, Stijn Bastianen, Armando, Spank Moons, Guy van den Branden, Yvan Theys, Bram Bogart, Cornelia Schleime, Eugene Leroy, Daniel Spoerri, Gunther F rg, James Brown

  • Colorful
  • Colorful
Italy, Brescia, Museo di Santa Giulia, Novecento mai visto

As starting point for the exhibition Novecento mai visto will serve some masterpieces from Classical Modernism, with important works from the German Bauhaus, from Constructivism and Concrete Art, e.g. by Josef Albers, Willi Baumeister and Max Bill, who are key artists of the Collection. Other representative names from these times are Adolf H lzel, Oskar Schlemmer, Adolf Fleischmann, Jean Arp, Richard Paul Lohse, Herrmann Gl ckner and Georges Vantongerloo. In the beginning art historic sections the exhibition will present masterworks from the time side by side with contemporary positions, who refer, reflect or relate to these artistic predecessors. This presentation is attempting to create a referential dialogue between the works and to reveal discursive links between individual formal ideas and subject matter over time.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the European ZERO avant-garde. This movement is linked with artists like Heinz Mack, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino, Getulio Alviani, Fran ois Morellet, Jan Schoonhoven, Klaus Staudt and Jan Henderikse. "ZERO", founded by Heinz Mack and Otto Piene as an artists' association in 1957, became a European movement in the 1960s. By questioning the basis of artistic production, reception and presentation in general the artists redefined the traditional concept of the work of art radically, thus laying a foundation for the Concept Art and Minimalism in Europe.

Novecento mai visto
  • Novecento mai visto

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