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Germany, Karlsruhe, Museum f r Neue Kunst ZKM, The DaimlerChrysler Collection in Karlsruhe

100 Artist out of more than 60 years.
About 200 works of comtemporary art from the DaimlerChrysler Collection.
The DaimlerChrysler Collection reflects the most important
developments in 20th century abstract art, starting with prestigious
groups of work from the Concrete and Constructive Art, Minimal Art
and Concept Art movements, then moving on to the most recent
international art trends.

Opening of the exhibition by Dr. G tz Adriani,
Dr. Manfred Gentz and Dr. Renate Wiehager.

The DaimlerChrysler Collection in Karlsruhe
  • The DaimlerChrysler Collection in Karlsruhe
Germany, Wismar, St. Georgen Church, Nite Lite

Installation " Nite Lite" in the St. Georgen Church in Wismar,
6. Sommerakademie 2000 Germany,
one of the largest brickstone gothic churches,
partly destroyed during Worldwar II and now being restored.
The installation has 2000 night lights and Chrismas lights
with the images of Jesus and Mary and flowers.
40 x 22 feet ( appr. 12 by 6.60 meters)

Nite Lite
  • Nite Lite
  • Nite Lite
  • Nite Lite

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